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Our integrated team spans account management, digital marketing, strategy, content, social and creative.

  • Tony T.png
    Tony Tostevin
  • Nigel K.png
    Nigel Kennedy
  • Website Images-Ben I.png
    Ben Inder
    Managing Director
  • Victoria Falla.jpeg
    Victoria Falla
    Strategy Director
  • Phil R.png
    Phil Regan
    Creative Director
  • James R.png
    James Rowe
    Head of Development
  • Stefanie H.png
    Stefanie Haigh
    Head of Content & Social
  • David L.png
    David Legge
    Senior Account Director
  • Mark Dickens.jpg
    Mark Dickens
    Art Director
  • Lizzie C.png
    Lizzie Collins
    Account Director
  • Emily R.png
    Emily Ravenscroft
    Account Director
  • Peter A.png
    Peter Amory
    Digital Account Manager
  • Joanna M.png
    Joanna Mauger
    Account Manager & Video Lead
  • Jurate L.png
    Jurate Limontaite
    Comms Planner / PPC Specialist
  • Megan Clifford.jpg
    Megan Clifford
    Account Manager
  • SJC_0588.jpg
    Susie Armstrong
    Account Manager
  • Steph C.png
    Steph Crame
    Account Executive
  • Iris Whur.jpg
    Iris Whur
    Account Executive
  • Morgan Carter.jpg
    Morgan Carter
    Junior Account Executive
  • Lee M.png
    Lee McClean
    Senior Creative
  • Michael H.png
    Michael Hutchinson
    Associate Creative Director
  • Chris M.png
    Chris Mousdale
    Senior Designer
  • James P.png
    James Pallot
    Senior Designer
  • Dan Davione.jpg
    Daniel d'Avoine
    Senior Motion Graphics Designer
  • Luke Moss.jpg
    Luke Moss
    Senior Designer
  • Rachael T.png
    Rachael Taylor-Blake
    Social & Content Manager
  • Simon C.png
    Simon Campbell
    Senior Developer
  • Corey Rive.jpg
    Corey Rive
    Senior Digital Designer
  • Steve A.png
    Steve Andrews
    Senior Developer
  • Claire M.png
    Claire Mockett
    Digital Creative
  • Lydia T.png
    Lydia Trow
  • Peter B.png
    Peter Beckerleg
    Production Designer
  • Peter W.png
    Peter Wilson
    Production Designer
  • Bernice S.png
    Bernice Saunders
    Digital Marketing Executive
  • Max B.png
    Max Baudains
    Junior Designer
  • Jesse Byrne.jpeg
    Jesse Byrne
    Client Planning Executive
  • SJC_0578.jpg
    Joshua Upson
    Junior Developer
  • Kathy LP.png
    Kathy Le Page

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