TPA win Best Rich Media Ad in the 2022 Quantcast Digital Ad Awards

We’re excited to announce that we won the award for the ‘Best Rich Media Ad’ in the 2022 Quantcast Digital Ad Awards.
Quancast Winner Wide.jpeg

The Quantcast Digital Ad Awards celebrate ads that demonstrate exceptional creativity, technical excellence and engaging design.

Our winning ad was created for Visit Guernsey as part of a larger multichannel campaign, ‘Unpause Life’. The campaign showcased the Islands of Guernsey as the perfect holiday destination post-Covid, whilst the majority of countries were still in phases of high restrictions. The ad celebrated being free to return to normal and unpausing joyful activities that had been on hold during lockdown.

We incorporated interactive and immersive advanced features and the ad generated strong engagement, with 28.7% of viewers engaging with it by either watching more than a quarter of the video, clicking through via the link or touching the creative.

Nominated ads were chosen from thousands of digital ads designed by the Quantcast Creative Services team or run on the Quantcast Platform, like ours, and there was a month-long global competition in which the public voted for winners in a variety of categories.

As well as demonstrating excellent creativity, the nominated ads were required to load quickly, respect data privacy and security, and avoid disruptive tactics that detract from a user's experience on the internet. These are key pillars that we pride ourselves in adhering to in all of our digital advertising campaigns at TPA.

The team at Quantcast said ‘The Islands of Guernsey creative features the beautiful imagery of alluring activities, enabling the viewer to visualise a future vacation…All in all, this creative is extremely compelling to help consumers remember the Islands of Guernsey as a possible destination for their next vacation.’