Andrew Rae X TPA

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We’ve recently worked with Andrew Rae on a collection of illustrations to bring TPA’s brand to life. We were looking for an illustrator whose style added warmth and wit to our brand identity as well as giving character to our values and messaging.

We have admired Andrew's work for some time and particularly love the simplicity and irreverent creativity he brought to Minor Figures' rebranding.

Working with Andrew was a fun collaboration, we agreed on areas that best represented the agency and shared ideas on bringing them to life.

Below are his explorations of our motto, Don't Chase, lead.

Don't chase lead concepts 2.png

The final Illustration & animation

Greyhound-paper-colour - (Use on Paper background).gif

Some more of Andrew's Illustrations for us.

Your experience means everything to us:

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How we work:

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What we do:

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