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Guernsey Electricity wanted to launch an interactive challenge that could help their customers save energy and money during the energy crisis.

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A unique new campaign

In the face of a tough winter, Guernsey Electricity and TPA launched Powering Life for Less, asking local families to be a part of our unique challenge to help them bring their bills down through helpful tips and lots of free technology donated by island partners.

Our job was to bring the challenge to life through an eye-catching identity, content and video production and media planning to take our campaign out across the island.

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Visual Identity

We took the existing brand colours and created a new identity that would stand out and bring together our campaign. Not only applied to marketing, we also created a load of merchandise to star in our content, right down to a Powering Life for Less sausage dog and a clock to show low rate tariff times.

Inspiring and educating

We worked closely with our client to create a content approach that would be informative and entertaining, thinking about scripting, video styling and motion graphic principles. Working with James Bentley and Spike Productions, we shot 4 hero videos that followed 2 families in their quest to save energy and money - showcasing their before and after journey.

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Supporting content

Alongside our family content we also showcased tips and tricks in an eye-catching content series, all of which pointed to our main hub on the Guernsey Electricity website.


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