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Against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis and unpredictability in the international energy markets impacting electricity prices, Jersey Electricity needed to:

  • Find new ways to talk about energy saving, creating cut through in the delivery of energy saving advice and messaging
  • Educate customers on how they can reduce their energy bills and proactively manage their energy use
  • Encourage customers to download the My JE app to help monitor and manage their energy consumption – increasing downloads to 25,000
  • Position the Company as an energy-saving champion that understands its responsibility to support and empower customers.

With the whole world sharing energy-saving tips from the BBC to influencers on TikTok, and only a limited number of tips, we needed to present our tips differently. We also wanted to use our campaign to spread a bit of joy against a backdrop of energy doom and gloom.

imgpsh_fullsize_anim (44).jpeg
Our creative approach

We created our own digital 3D character called Moe the Sloth to promote energy-saving tips through a 5-part social mini-series.

Sloths are known as nature's experts in saving energy, and therefore serve as an exceptional ambassador to teach people in Jersey how to conserve their energy wisely. Moe came up with some useful tips that could help customers save up to £300 per year on their electricity bills.

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A character with charm

Each mini-episode focuses on an energy-saving tip, but also introduces some of Moe’s character, with him dancing or cooking his favourite jungle snack. Again winning over hearts was crucial to the success of our campaign.

The making of Moe

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