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This is the third time we've helped Livingroom answer the questions 'How do we digitally raise the bar for home buying and selling, create the best possible showcase of exceptional homes, deliver an immersive experience and add the personal service touch characteristic of the Livingroom brand?' Only this time, we were further challenged to make their digital experience work seamlessly for property hunters looking across the Channel Island market, now exclusively covered by Livingroom.

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Supporting the journey home

It takes an imaginative spark to start on the home-buying journey, to make that leap from curiosity to "I can see myself living there." We help users discover that spark through beautiful and immersive property presentation backed up with elegant, accessible detailed information that's delivered through multiple, friendly search pathways.

Two become one

As the only pan-island estate agent, Livingroom needed a way to seamlessly present properties across branches, particularly to those looking to move to the Channel Islands. TPA evolved the interface so that property search is as simple for both multi-island users as the existing clientele looking in one island. In the background we unified separate branch databases - doing the hard, detailed work of ensuring integrity and performance were maintained.

Behind the scenes

The core property management solution was custom-built by TPA to handle the website content and functional needs, as well as, multiple inbound and outbound integrations. We built in a range of clever CRM features that help clients stay up-to-date with their property search (or sale) and assist Livingroom agents in matching properties to client needs.


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